What is .desi?

.desi is a new and unique domain!

It’s the perfect way for you to set your brand apart from the millions of other websites out there! 

Why .desi?

Using a .desi domain will open up a whole new world and ensure you stand out from the .common.


Connect to nearly two billion desis and fans of desi culture globally!

celebrate your desi pride

A .desi domain gives your brand a sense of identity, personality, and heritage.

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Build a website around your brand instead of rebuilding a brand to fit what is available.

Who should get a .desi website?

Fashion, food, news, views, music, make-up… whatever you do, if you or your brand has a desi connection then .desi is the way to go!

.desi Privileges

We’ll work with you to help strengthen your brand, build your online community and extend your reach.